Why does the sun go on shining? なぜ朝日は輝くの? - DÔ-SÔ, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi, Japan, 2019


“A louche, scattered, crumpled and yet relaxed installation of appealing collisions of abstraction, ‘popist’ gestures, irony and sweet earnestness insinuates itself into a traditional architecture of classical Japanese domesticity in Michael Kennedy’s residency exhibition, opening recently.

Avoiding any macho histrionics, he works at petite scale through various cultural and caricature collisions to satisfying and highly promising effect. 😉 We watch and wait smilingly in anticipation - impasto, and cross cultural reference all there… but some scale next please!

The installation form, combined with his leveraging of cross-cultural complexities seems a valuable aspect to pursue, hence look forward to more of this, cranked up! 👍🏻” @random_re_view instant response review. 🙂